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We believe in the
power of education.

It exists to awaken minds and create hope.
It has capacity to shape our ideas, beliefs, society and culture. And the ability to influence, not only our identity, but also our meaning and purpose. It's the most empowering force in the world.

Working with 21,000 schools and 160 universities and further education colleges in 49 countries worldwide, our pioneering software solutions provide instant access to information on emerging trends and highlighting areas of excellence and underperformance. The insight our software delivers improves decision making and simplifies communication with staff, parents and students.

We exist to make the process of education simpler, and help raise standards in teaching and learning.

Our education software solutions and your relentless commitment helps ensure every student has the best opportunity to succeed.

Together. We empower education.

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Education gives us belief
that we can 'do more'.

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Solutions for education that make a difference

Capita Education Software Solutions provide software and services that empower schools, colleges and universities to simplify processes, drive institutional efficiency and improve learner outcomes.  Find out more about our solutions below:



Capita SIMS is the management information system that drives school improvement by managing student, staff and parent data. Used in 21,000 schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as over 700 independent schools in the UK and worldwide, it provides teachers, senior leaders and support staff with the tools to efficiently manage school life. From unparalleled pupil tracking capabilities, to instant data analysis, SIMS provides information that helps schools to continually drive improvement.



SIMS Independent



UNIT-e further education management solutions put the power of your MIS firmly into the hands of your students, staff and senior leaders. Our experience with over 130 further education providers has highlighted the importance of achieving technological agility in this fast-changing sector. That’s why we're partnering with forward-looking FE institutions to build solutions that evolve to meet the ways students and staff want to use them.




AGILIT-e is the education management solution for universities that are determined to make an impact sooner. AGILIT-e integrates all key functions to deliver the efficiencies the sector demands without compromising the culture and individuality of your institution. From student records to library management systems, over 30 higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland rely on Capita as a trusted technology partner.


Reading Cloud

Reading Cloud

Reading Cloud provides library management systems for all academic levels. We serve infant, primary, secondary schools and colleges. Reading Cloud is used by 15,000 schools, engaging children in reading for pleasure and driving a life-long love of reading. We also work with a number of independent and international schools helping them to develop and maintain excellence in reading.

VISIT Reading Cloud